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Our Passion is your Value

Welcome to 3C Asset Boutique

Welcome to 3C Asset Boutique

3C Asset Boutique was established in February 2019 by Mr. Brent Buys. The entity was formally registered as a private company (2019/278405/07). The business is 100% black owned by Mr Buys with a level one B-BBBEE rating (135% B-BBBEE procurement recognition).

3C Asset Boutique is a multifaceted business with its focus on services delivery. We pride ourselves on customer conveniences and satisfaction.

About 3C Asset Boutique

About 3C Asset Boutique

3C Asset Boutique (Pty) Ltd consists of a dynamic, hardworking team of individuals who focus on results and quality of work.

When combined we have a diverse range of skills and experience that compliments the companies structure. As a result we are able to deliver excellent services.

We want to run a profitable operation, which typically means increasing revenue while limiting expenses.

Our Vision

Is to be an active contributor towards the Northern Capes Local Economic Development. To become the services provider of choice for all our stakeholders. Establish a track record of industry excellence and professionalism.

Our Mission

Our mission is to render excellent quality services to our customers at all times. To ensure good service delivery and customer satisfaction in order to retain and increase our client base.


We strive ourselves to become more efficient in our business operation as a way to increase productivity as well as our aim is to over exceed our clients expectation to ensure customer satisfaction and excellent service delivery.

Our Team


Brent & Anetta Buys

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The Team

3C Asset Boutique Team

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A Multifaceted Business

This strategy is seen as a high risk, high returns strategy. We look at our current services and the current market and how we can increase our market share.

Quality of Service

We are constantly conducting market research to identify alternative/ new ways to render our services.

Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is to over exceed our clients expectation to ensure customer satisfaction and excellent service delivery.

Our Services

Full House Wash

*Foam wash & vacuum, doors, tyres, rims, mudgaurds, dashboard & windows.

  • Car - R 150
  • Bakkie - R 160
  • SUV - R 170
  • Combi - R 180

Full Detail

  • Removal of Paint Defects
  • Oxidation, Overspray, Water Marks, Swirls, Holograms, Bird Lime, Tree Sap
  • Paint Restoration
  • Fine Scratch Removal, 3-Step Paint Correction, Ceramic Protection, Polish, Shine

Full Valet

Deep Cleaning of the following:

  • Seats, Carpets, Floor, Boot, Door Panels, Air Vents

Deep Cleaning

Eco friendly industrial cleaning equipment.

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Couch Cleaning

All Businesses

we have

Subscription Options Available

Sneak Peak of Our Cleaning Services

The Whole Service in the works with the team of 3C Asset Boutique.

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